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These are the two houses I lived in when I was little.

I was a "tree-hugger" when I was two - still am.

"Save the planet" is a motto I try to live by every day.

I always wanted to be a vet when I became old enough.  I clearly had a soft spot for injured creatures.  I nursed birds, rabbits, and even a mole.  I used my doll house as a hospital for injured insects that I found along the roadside.  Instead of being a vet, I grew up to be an Intensive Care Nurse with lots of pets.


    My two daughters have always loved books! 

 Here is a photo of my family.  My beautiful girls are all grown up now.

Here are the pictures of the three rescue dogs that live with me.  Pookie is a toy poodle.  She begs for shoulder massages daily.  Georgia is a golden-lab retriever mix.  She has an internal clock that is never wrong and she always knows when it is feeding time.  Jubei (pronunced Ju-bay) is a black standard poodle.  He doesn't like to swim.

As a hobby I work on uncovering my family heritage.  I have been locating ancestors for thirty-two years.  After a while you come to realize that every one of us has interesting people in our family tree and that, if you go back far enough, we all share ancestors.  It's never too early or too late to start working on your family tree!

". . . never be too big to ask questions,

never know too much to learn something new."

~ Og Mandino

           What Kids Want to Know

These were some of my favorite books and authors

when I was young.

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